Antiquated Sales Techniques To Stop Using Now! 2

Fifty-one years ago I began to study selling — not just because I’m a curious, analytical type, but because I’ve always had a burning desire to succeed. When I was young I learned that big money can be made in sales and I wanted “my share.” Later, I realized that only a tiny percentage of the people who entered the sales profession make it big.

When you approach to shake hands, look at the other person’s hand briefly. Aim the crux of your thumb and index finger at the same spot on the other person’s hand. Once the crux of your fingers hits theirs, grab hold and shake firmly. Look the person in the eye and smile while shaking hands.

Critical Questions to Ask the Customer: A few good questions must always be part of your sales call planning process, but especially so when the economy is slow. “What has changed since our last conversation?”, “How can we help you?” and “What are you finding difficult in your business today?” are some examples. Questioning skills are taught in almost every STAR corporate Корпоративные тренинги по продажам.

A lot of the time, the switched-on businesses I deal with want to do more training, they realise that it will be beneficial but it often slips down the organisational priority list because it fits in the ‘Important but Not Urgent’ box. Once the crisis has passed, it’s one of those things that time-pressed managers feel can be put off till a more convenient time.

So if you ask the questions, you’re in control. And when you’re in control, you’re the seller. If you want to be the seller you need to ask тренинг по продажам В2В the questions.

#2. With this compensation plan there is no motivation for your sponsor to continue with your training once they have your first two commissions in their pockets. Your will be stone cold on your own trying to figure out how to market the product and the opportunity.

Always stress the importance of honesty whether selling or promoting in your sales management training program. Developing sales skills, truthfulness, and growing with the team as well as yourself should be talked about among everyone so they all realize the importance of it.

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