How To Be Different In A Homogeneous Business World

Whether you’re just out of school, or coming back after a period of non-paid work, you need to remember some key principles that will help you keep marketable and motivated while searching for a job.

This is an important one! Did you notice that ALL the LinkedIn profiles out there look pretty much the same? BORING! Well, here’s where customizing comes in. You can add Apps to your account, such as Reading List by Amazon, WordPress, and SlideShare Presentations. Why these three? Well, the Amazon app will tell people a little more about you by the books that you read. You can add as many as you like and a nice picture of the book cover pops up when you do so. Adding the WordPress app allows you to import your blog into your LinkedIn account. Finally, the SlideShare Presentation app can be used to create a welcome video for your page (something that will definitely make you stand out!).

Social media lets people know you are there. A small investment gives you a way to establish brand awareness. At the very least, get your Google Profile completed, claim your Google Place, and put yourself on the virtual map. It’s free!

So I reply, politely, that she should put it up, and I know some great coaches who can teach her how to use it effectively. It’s a FREE service, so let’s maximize it.

Applications. I recommend checking out the partner applications available through Jeff Seward Machin. You can attach documents, recommend books, and do many other things with these useful tools. Find out what’s available – and use it!

Daily I encounter entrepreneurs and linkedin profiles business owners who are simply not yet aware of the power of these tools or the current state of the technology. In many cases people simply feel overwhelmed by getting started, understandably so! Just pick one thing, start slow, and as Nike says “Just Do It”! It’s better to start getting a toe wet slowly than to keep it forever in your Nike.

Times are tough, budgets are strapped (not one of those enlightening tidbits, I know). A small investment in social media strategy and education will facilitate the ongoing use of tools that are free. Your recurring cost can be limited to only time. It shocks me how many businesses still take out classifieds, TV ads, radio ads; advertising the majority of the population simply tunes out. Save excess funds, allocate a smaller portion to social media education, and then run with your new model on a budget while capturing more business! Not to discount those modalities completely, but track metrics to see what is truly bringing you ROI.

Donna Shannon, a former corporate recruiter and president of Coyote Visions, helps job seekers land their dream jobs with practical advice and guidance. Her book, “Get a Job Without Going Crazy,” is available on and the Tattered Cover Book Stores.

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