Planning Your Dream Wedding Under Your Budget

As photographers or photojournalists you have an obligation to provide the public with information. If you photograph a car accident, fire or other event, your photographs may be able to be used to prevent another one by pointing out something. As a journalist you also need to point out things without hiding the facts.

When – You most likely think you already know the date you will be married. However, you may find it necessary to choose a different date in order to meet other requirements. The most popular wedding sites and reception centers are booked as far as one to two years in advance. The most popular Maui photographers, officiants and other wedding vendors are often booked solid for months. Be sure to do some preliminary research and interviewing before making a final decision on your wedding date.

Lighting is such a wonderful time at this meeting portraits as the sun is low on the horizon and no squinting camera. Check-in time is one of the worst times to have these types of sessions, so there is something to keep in mind when planning your photographer.

Aim your camera slightly down at the person’s face. Now I don’t mean climb family photographers a ladder but just don’t ever and I mean ever point your camera looking up to a person. We all look fat and bloated at that angle. Also don’t shoot just face on to the person, try a little to the side, a three quarter view, so that you see more of their face. Remember camera higher looking down and a three quarter view, it will slim your subject.

Think about outfits that covers the knees and elbows. These places don’t photograph as nicely as the rest of the body so it may possibly be wise to select outfits that covers them.

What’s is your creative muse? This is a call for visual artists, performers, poets, musicians and writers to meet once a month at Enjoy The Journey and network about their creative craft. These informal meetings will take place at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month and are free and open to creative minds who enjoy networking with others in the arts.

You have a clear plan about what sort of photographer you plan to become. You have just the right gear, you have invested in training to ensure you know exactly what you are doing, you have spent thousands of hours in practise and exposed yourself to professional photographers as much as possible.