What Is Wholesale? Revealing The Wholesale Myth

You’ve probably come across numerous business opportunities already. I know you’re actively searching for information. I hope you haven’t become jaded already by the con artists out there who make false promises.

First and the most important question to ask them is about their skills, service area and education. If they meet your educational and services criteria, then only hire them. Otherwise look for a new China sourcing.

The ‘eBay Solutions Directory’ gives you a list of legitimate companies that will help you find reliable wholesale resources. Type solutions and then followed by the eBay url.

One more thing you want to be careful of – some vendors withhold 10% of your commission every month to cater for returned products and cancelled orders. They only release this money the next month. Of course, this amount varies. Some companies withhold more, some less, some not at all.

Just so you know that I am not exaggerating the size of this directory, here are some of the features and benefits of this wholesale directory package.

So, should YOU get better at eBay marketing? Maybe you should. Because when you do, things can get a lot easier… and you can blitz (certain) other sellers in a heartbeat.

Making a business plan for your product sourcing for eBay strategy does not have to be complicated. When you are new, it is better to stick to basic principles and keep your plans simple. As you gain experience, you can adjust your plan accordingly.