Handling The Nonprofit Employee And Volunteer

This is an excellent time to pause and reflect on your career. You may have lost your job recently or anticipate losing your job. If you have secure employment at the moment, you may think it’s nuts to consider a change. As we are now in the era of new beginnings, this truly is an excellent time to pause and reflect on your career.

For example, if you’d love to make a living at being a writer but are afraid you can’t support yourself doing it, write in your free time. Do creative writing projects, offer to assist friends and family with their projects, volunteer at a reputable local charities writing newsletters. Who knows… someone may eventually need a writer on staff. A friend may hear of a company who needs a freelance writer for various projects. All of this could add up to doing what you love and being able to support yourself in the process.

Prevent the Bite is a charitable non profit organization that works to prevent bites, especially to children. Their resources are available here. Many schools in our area have now instituted bite prevention programs.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of situations that appear as if they can’t be changed. World hunger to me is a colossal problem that makes me so overwhelmed but it isn’t an “it is what it is” situation. I may not be able to solve world hunger by myself with my limited resources, but I can certainly do something about it; donate to the local food bank, volunteer at a soup kitchen, bring meals to the elderly, or countless other ways. My actions may not solve world hunger, but they certainly work towards alleviating the symptoms of it.

Check in the dorm facility’s kitchen which appliances are for share. You could share a communal refrigerator. Mini-fridges run 24/7, draining a big amount of energy.

FUPI also has one unique component, the Cyber Sanctuary, which is a way to spread information about each animal that is available for adoption with one click of the mouse. Those who sign up will receive flyers about the various animals in need and can post these in their workplaces, e-mail them to friends and find other creative ways to announce new pets looking for homes.

Using a combination of modern technology and visual reporting can help ensure the safety of your teenage driver. Once again we can have eyes and ears in the places we cannot always be to help watch over our most precious gift, our children.