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Lots of truck car park marketed today are absolutely nothing more than a lot with a fence. Parking at one of these second-rate lots is truly putting your freight and devices at risk. In this series of articles I will be talking about the minimum-security standards you need to try to find in choosing a protected trailer parking area or secure drop yard. Let’s begin with the fundamental security features of the boundary of the car park.

A basic part of any safe and secure parking backyard is the perimeter security, or the location between the parking backyard itself and the outside world. This is genuinely your first line of defense. The purpose of the perimeter is to prevent unauthorized access to the backyard. It needs to supply an unbroken barrier with gain access to only through managed entry points. As an easy fence generally pleases this requirement numerous yards stop there to save expenses and call the backyard a secure car park. Nevertheless, as you will read a safe perimeter requires more than a simple fence.

An import addition missing out on in numerous backyards is a barrier to safeguard the perimeter fence. If the border fence is damaged it may be worthless. For that reason, there need to be an additional border defense. A genuinely protected parking area also has a barrier in place to safeguard the perimeter fence. This barrier could be a ditch, railroad ties, or anti-ramming barrier, basically anything that would make it tough to simply drive through the fence.

A safe parking lawn need to likewise have high quality lighting of the entire boundary fence. The lighting not just discourages would be thieves but also aids motorists and guards during the night. The lighting ought to cover the whole boundary however must also be prepared as to prevent blinding impacts on motorists and guards.

Another must have for a protected trailer parking lot border is high-definition CCTV system to monitor the entire boundary. The border of every yard ought to be CCTV monitored at all times. All protected car park need to utilize CCTV systems that enable 24 hour a day offsite tracking and recording for future review.

The final piece of a well-planned safe and secure parking lot perimeter is a clearance zone around the border fence and the outside world. This buffer zone makes it harder for would be thieves to hide in the shadows and attempt to breach the fence. It also considerably increases both the CCTV cams detection of unapproved entries and the on-site guards’ capability to see any suspicious happenings on the perimeter. The buffer zones need to be on both sides of the border fence, with any landscaping and/or shrubs kept low to permit a clear line of vision.

As you can see the simple fence on an empty lot is not a secure parking area. As this post explains there are several functions of a safe boundary that require to be in place before you trust your trailer or truck to a backyard. In the next article in this series I will talk about the security problems associated with entry and exit from a safe and secure parking lot or drop backyard. For more information on secure parking lots and Kansas City Trailers go to