Fun Sex-Bring Back The Excitement

As a mother of young adults, I am frequently asked for date ideas. Not advice exactly, just ideas on what they can do on the weekend with their girl, or guy. The following list is a few of the common suggestions. Plus some additional info for those looking to ask out someone new.

Go back to the beginning. What was it that first attracted you to your man? Your freakishly similar tastes in obscure Nor-Cal soul? His discreet-yet-badass tattoo? The way his tuchus looks in a nice pair of Levis? Whatever it was, work it into your evening and the will come naturally.

Leah and Kayla went out to lunch to discuss her situation, and she was clearly having second thoughts on letting go of Jeremy. “It’s like I am leaving a definite yes for an I don’t know, maybe.” It sounded like she, once again, was starting to swing back the other way.

Great romantic date Idea #3: romantic date for a worthy cause. There is nothing more romantic than spending time together to volunteer and help others. You both can visit an organization for kids who have special needs and spend time together with the kids. Volunteering in a retirement home is also another way to help others and spend quality time with each other. It is memorable, touching and you can learn more about each other.

Music is known to have great healing qualities. Just a few minutes everyday of listening to some soothing music will give you the much-needed peace that you crave. Put on your headphones or stereo and let the music work its way into your system.

Do not be an open book that is begging everyone to read it. This means that you should not give your man all your life history especially when you are getting to know each other. It is good to let him know about the important things about you but for the rest, let him work at discovering them himself. He will be more excited and will love you more as he discovers the little things about you no one else has.

An inside source also told US Weekly that while on their recent date Lamar and Khloe looked to be “very much in love,” so the puppy love will certainly boost the happiness in their relationship even more.

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